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China's hardware mold standard parts are about to enter the international market

After a period of rapid development in the mold industry in China, parts have gradually developed in the direction of standardization, specialization and commercialization, and some have already reached a high level and have made considerable progress.

Analyze the development of domestic sales of mold standard parts online

In recent years, China's standard parts industry has been continuously optimized and developed, but the traditional sales channels are difficult to break the deadlock of the foreign-exclusive market, which has limited its development. In 2012, the development of China's sub-commerce is at a high-speed development stage.

What are the differences between fastener bolts and screws?

Bolts and screws are our common connection fasteners, which mainly play a role of connection and fixing in various fields and equipment. Many people sometimes mistake bolts and screws, which is confusing. Today I will share the differences between fastener bolts and screws. I hope that it will be helpful for everyone to use bolts and screws in the future.

Fastener key and pin connection and drawing analysis

Fastener key, pin connection, and drawing analysis: The so-called key connection is to achieve the circumferential fixation between the shaft and the parts on the shaft through keys to transmit motion and torque.
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