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The torque limiter

The torque limiter







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  • The torque limiter




    2、Friction Plate

    3、Lining Ring

    4、Pressure Plate

    5、Disc Spring

    6、Pilot Plate

    7、Adjusting Nut

    8、Adjusting Bolt

    9、Locking Screw



    Set the Rotation Angle and Torque


    The torque limiter


    The torque limiter


    The torque limiter




    The required sliding torque is set depends upon the loading or the force of the equipment. If the loading conditions are not clear, please set the sliding to que as 1.5-2 times of one upon the shaft that carries the Torque Limiter. Please select the Torque Limiter with sufficient torque and aperture ranges.

    Select optimum lining ring length according to the center part thickness clamped between the two friction discs.




    Tight and loose the adjusting bolts and/or nuts to set the torque of the Torque Limiter. The Limiter form size RTL50 to RTL89 depend upon the adjusting nuts, whereas RTL127 and RTL178 depends upon the adjusting bolts.

    Set the torque after mounting the Limiter upon the shaft as follow:

    For sizes form RTL50 to RTL89

    Rotate to tight the adjusting nuts by hands to fix the disc spring and plate;

    Then, try to tight the nuts (about 60℃)by wrench


    First, rotate the nuts to tight the disc spring and pressure plate. Then tight all the adjusting bolts (about 60℃)

    If the Limiter slides with normal loading,please tight the nuts (for sizes form RTL50 to RTL89) or bolts (form RTL127 to RTL178) generally until the Limiters stop sliding. Please ensure that each bolt is tightened or lossened averagely.

    Find out the setting torque appropriate for the equipments after tests. Please refer the following Table that shows the relationship between the effective rotation angle and torque setting.

    To make torque setting precisely, we recommend you to use Torque Limiter for trial once. For example, while the rotation speed is 50-60 rpm with 500 circles, rotate the adjusting nuts or bolts around 45℃




    Process the friction face of center parts to ensure the rated torque, planeness and parallelism in line with the bore and protect the parts from the rust and oil. The recommended surface roughness(Ra) is 1.6. The sliding torque will be not stable if the center part is defected.

    Please process the bore of center parts according to the following Table and, select sprocket with min. teeth number and lining ring length.

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