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Company Culture

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Our policy is:

strengthen management, continuous improvement, good faith compliance and good customer satisfaction. We determined to products manufac tured pass rate of 100% and get 100% customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy is:

customer-oriented: we adhere to the customer as the center, satisfy customer’s demand, hear of the customer, respect for customer’s choice, to meet customer requirements.


We see the quality as a life for the enterprise, and always adhere to improving quality management, strict manage to the quality control, optimize the quality system and provide quality assurance. Service First: We strive to serve our customers and community Lean as a foothold of our development. We not only provide high-quality tangible products, but also to ensure that the good effect of first-class service, we have been providing customers with as much added value and dedication as possible.

The supremacy of credibility: we establish credibility as the fundamental survival and development in our company. We always adhere to the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, re-commitment to do practical things, and keeping promises.

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We sincerely welcome all people domestically and international to visit our company to communicate and visit. The Company will provide the most efficient and accurate service and provide customer with integrity attitudes.

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Tel:0086-513-83533168 丨 0086-513-85513856


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Add:No.888 Xihuan Road, Liuqiao Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province




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